New Car’s Hidden Lifetime Costs

When buying a new car, we often compare ONLY the sticker price among the models that make it to the shortlist. In the spirit of competitive pricing, there’s usually not a great deal of difference between the dealership’s advertised cost of the vehicles. Unlike vehicle leasing – which usually includes all running costs – we need to consider the long-term costs of vehicle ownership when signing on the dotted line.

Crunching the numbers 

In a recent report conducted by RACQ, 141 different vehicles were analysed and ranked according to cost to own and run, including loan interest, servicing, rego fuel, tyres, and so on. Depreciation was also considered, which is one of the biggest considerations when purchasing, since a car starts losing value as soon as you hit the accelerator and drive away from the dealership.

Best priced small car 

The Mitsubishi Mirage topped the list as Australia’s most inexpensive car to own and run, costing $6,000 per year. Just a little more than what you’d pay for the compact machine with Easi (get a quote here). Impressive as a single-person’s city getabout, but for most of us the pint-size vehicle will struggle to fit the family.

Best priced midsize car

A bit roomier, and one of our personal favourites is the Mazda CX-5 (now that’s a car that can handle a family). It was among the cheapest mid-size vehicles to score a mention, costing around $192/week to run. On a Novated Lease, we get our customers behind the wheel of the CX-5 for just $172 per week!*

Best priced 4-wheel drive 

RACQ found that the cheapest 4WD ute to own and run was the Mitsubishi Triton, costing the driver on average $231/week. Again, with Easi our customers get the best price guarantee with a tidy $220 per week on a Novated Lease – and just like that, you’ve just saved yourself about 8 coffees a month on top of the thousands over the term of your lease*.

Best price guarantee  

Safety, economy, room for a growing family or the various equipment for outdoor activities and adventures – none of these should be sacrificed for saving a few dollars. This is especially true if the lifetime expense of owning and running that vehicle ends up being the same or, in many cases, more than the alternatives you compared against.

Easi strives to get drivers into the car of their dreams for the best price possible, because we don’t believe in compromising on what you really need to get you, or your family, from A to B and beyond.

Our friendly team are always available to explain how a Novated Lease can allow you to get more for your money, including providing a quote for whatever car you desire.

*Prices are dependent on personal circumstances. 

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