Easi is guaranteeing a reduction of employees’ day-to-day automotive costs by allowing people to salary package their existing vehicles.

No strings attached, no nasty surprises. Get in touch to save on fuel, finance payments, registration, insurance, maintenance and more.

What is a Novated Lease?

A novated lease is a salary packaging arrangement whereby you pay for a car and all of the associated running costs out of a combination of pre-tax and post-tax salary. Your employer makes the deduction out of each pay and sends it to your leasing company to manage the expenses on your behalf.

What is a novated lease

A Novated Lease lets you use your pre-tax income to pay for your car and its running costs.

How? A Novated Lease is an agreement between Easi–your employer–and yourself. Your employer pays your vehicle payment for you via salary packaging.

Regardless of whether your employer currently offers salary packaging, Easi can provide you with a Novated Lease. Simply let Easi know which car you would like to purchase – request a quote.

How does it work?

Easy Comparison of Cost Savings for a Novated Lease

Two Administration officers:

  • Income: $60,000
  • Buying: $25,000 Car
  • Travelling: 15,000 km a year
  • Loan: 5-year term
Novated Lease Consumer Loan
Price $22,836.80 (no GST) $25,000
$10,500 tax saving $0 tax saving
Convenience Irregular Cash Flow
$22, 727. 27 $36, 344. 21

A total benefit of $13,616.94

Plus, you can stay in control of your budget, optimise your tax savings and drive your dollar further.

We also have Novated Lease solutions for Employers, Government / Not for Profit organisations and Employees.

What will it cost?