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Why an Easi Operating Lease is the most flexible solution in the market.

  • Unlike other fleet managers and financier programs, Easi has highly customisable fleet management options.
  • Working in consultation with you allows ongoing updates throughout the life of your finance lease.
  • Each vehicle has its own profile and can be billed either as a monthly budget accrual or recharged at cost.
  • Easi offers a mixed-managed arrangement where you work with us to opt in/out of services and fleet management.
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What is an Operating Lease (Business Lease)?

An Operating Lease is a vehicle or Equipment Lease program where finance is bundled with operating costs to make vehicle management, planning, reporting and administration simple.

An Operating Lease is a three-party agreement between a business, a financier and a managed package facilitator—Easi. We guide you through the application, then establish and maintain the overarching facility agreement with the financier to fund your fleet requirements. In this arrangement, Easi is your relationship manager; one point of contact to manage the process of sourcing, procuring, financing and provisioning the per vehicle flexible running package.

Under an Operating Lease, the financier purchases the vehicle from the supplier with a legal agreement to lease it to your business. Essentially, the business is agreeing to pay a monthly rate for a defined term and kilometres travelled (you are, in effect, ‘borrowing’ the asset from the financier). It’s your business’s responsibility to maintain finance repayments, registration and insurance — all of which Easi can manage for you through our fleet management service package.

How Does Fleet Management Work?

An operating lease with fleet management is the tax-effective solution to lease your equipment and vehicles through your business and efficiently consolidate managing the fleet.

Fleet Management is the bundling of your operating lease, owned assets, optional ongoing running costs and administration to provide a 100% claimable expense with centralised invoicing and reporting. Easi becomes the one point of contact for you and your employees to arrange and manage your vehicles, equipment and reporting. Be as hands-on or hands-off as you like — we work with you to suit your business needs.

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Easi can take on all the administrative burden for a flat, monthly fee, so you have more time to focus on your business. Our expertise means Easi Business Leasing and Fleet Management helps reduce overheads and keep you FBT (Fringe Benefits Tax) compliant.

Unlock Working Capital

Reduce Business Risk

Huge Tax Savings

Nationwide Purchasing Power

Some of the benefits you’ll receive with an Easi Business Lease:

With Easi as your business fleet manager, you get volume discounts through our national network of dealerships, gain access to more major financiers and lenders, and have the flexibility to choose what you need included for your vehicle and equipment management.

The Main Benefits of a Fully Managed
Operating Lease with Easi

  • Vehicle sourcing with accessories, fit-outs & signage
  • Vehicle procurement with finance sourced for above
  • Fixed monthly management fee for Easi support Flexible Budget Accrual, Recharge or Mixed packages
  • Can include owned vehicles with a Management Pack
  • 24/7 Customer Online Fleet Reporting Portal
  • Consolidated Monthly Invoicing (PDF & CSV)
  • Fleet Management & Analysis Team
  • Easi manage as much or as little as you want
  • Driver can be nominated per vehicle
  • Vehicle Fuel Card control and limits per card
  • Business car leasing options for grouping by Divisions and Cost
  • Centres Expenses passed directly at cost
  • Australia-wide coverage

*The above benefits represents a Fully Managed lease. Other options available include Finance Only, Managed by Financier and Self-Funded (you own and Easi manage it as fleet).

Business Lease and Customisable Operating Options

  • Online Fleet Portal and Reporting

    The Easi Operating Client Portal can be provisioned for multiple users and is locked down using unique Customer Codes. Users can be set as Fleet Managers or with Read Only access to view data.

  • National Fuel Cards

    Easi WEX Motorpass is Australia’s most widely accepted fuel card. Linked to vehicle registration, drivers have the flexibility to refuel for less at 93% of Australian service stations (with reimbursement options in a pinch). The free locator app means finding your nearest WEX Motorpass-approved location is a breeze. PINs, limits and controls can be set for individual cards.

  • Servicing, Maintenance and Repairs

    Choosing Easi when your next leased car means hassle free servicing and maintenance at fleet discounted prices. Simply mention Easi before servicing the vehicle and have the mechanic call us for an authorisation. The bill is sent directly to Easi for payment on your behalf, either funded from the contract pool or recharged in the next monthly invoice run.

  • Tyres

    Discounted tyres are typically built into the package according to vehicle type and the number of kilometres driven. When having them repaired or replaced treat it just like a Service & Maintenance request by mentioning that Easi will pay and to call us for authorisation.

  • Registration, CTP and Renewals

    Annual registration of the vehicle is automatically paid for by Easi on behalf of the business unless you opt to manage registration in house. Easi will automatically renew registration we manage for 12 months until near the lease end when we will confirm if the renewal period is appropriate. At the end of a lease period, if the vehicle is returned or purchased, Easi will assist in coordinating the Transfer of Ownership with the Financier.

  • Australia-wide Roadside Assistance

    Easi roadside assistance package covers unlimited call-outs, free towing within 20kms of town limits, free fuel delivery, free flat battery call-out, free flat tyre change, free immobiliser deactivation service, transportation where possible and necessary in the event of an accident, and a free vehicle key lock-out service.

  • Assistance with Accident Management

    It is a requirement by the Financier that the business maintains comprehensive insurance for vehicles at all times while in your custody as the vehicle is not registered to an individual, it is registered to the business.

  • Other Services

    Additional Services by the Easi Group Include:

    • Novated Leasing for a Car
    • Salary Packaging for Novated Leases
    • Entertainment & Uber Expense Cards

Frequently Asked Questions

What Fleet Car Lease Terms are on offer with Easi?

Initially you can choose from 2 to 5 years – we most often recommend 4 years on a new vehicle.

Can I extend my lease and for how long?

You can apply for an extension at any time (even while a current term is running). We recommend an extension when you’re able to lock in more competitive rates. As a general rule of thumb we suggest you only extend a lease to a maximum vehicle age of 8 years—unless you have specific funding or project-based reasons.

How does a quote budget and accruals work?

If you opt for a budgeted item, we do our best to estimate the projected cost over the life of the lease and smooth it into a monthly provisional amount. Each time you remit monthly payments that are accrued in the contract for future payments of those combined expenses.

What is a Fully Managed Lease?

Easi centralises management within our system for your company, reducing administrative burden.

What’s the difference between an Easi Managed Lease and Financier Managed Lease?

With an Easi Managed Lease, we will always be your relationship manager (your point of contact). If the financier is providing the management pack then they provide the behind-the-scenes everyday support services and invoicing for the Financier Managed Lease.

What is ‘Inertia’ and how does it affect a Lease?

Inertia is the term used by the financiers to indicate that an active lease is running ‘out of contract’ (beyond the contract end date) where the vehicle has not been returned to them. While such a situation is allowed, it’s not recommended. Every lease has a kilometre limit and an excess kilometre rate. Returning the vehicle with higher kilometres than the original lease provision may mean you will have to pay an excess.

Can I make changes to my budget?

If fully managed by Easi, then yes, we can opt-in and opt-out support services or change from budgeted to recharge (and vice versa) at any time. Changes can be on a per contract or full-fleet basis. Finance however cannot be amended without a signed contract adjustment from the financier.

What’s the difference between a Business Car Lease and a Car Loan?

In a business car lease, the leasing finance company retains the vehicle’s ownership. Businesses make regular payments for using the vehicle, and at the end of the lease term, they have the option to return, extend the lease, or sometimes purchase the vehicle. These payments might also encompass services like maintenance or insurance, offering added convenience.

In contrast, with car loans, a business borrows money to buy the vehicle outright and then repays the loan with interest over a set period. Once all repayments are complete, the business wholly owns the vehicle, with maintenance and other operational costs being separate. Financially, lease payments can often be written off as business expenses, while only the interest on a car loan might be tax-deductible, with the principal amount being depreciated over time.

In deciding between these two options, businesses should weigh their financial liquidity, long-term vehicle needs, and potential tax implications. It’s always prudent to consult with a financial advisor to ascertain the best fit for a specific business situation – regardless of whether it involves a new or used car.

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