Choosing an Eco-Friendly Car in Australia

With more and more cars on Australian roads every day, especially driving into major metropolitan areas, drivers want to make the responsible choice. Choosing an eco-friendly vehicle can save you both money at the petrol station and help you do your part to improve air quality and prevent pollution.

While it may seem like these more eco-friendly options are out of your price range, a novated lease from Easi can help you make the leap from a high-polluting car into one that’s much better for the environment.  Use our Novated Lease Calculator, to see how much you can save on your new eco-friendly car.

To choose an eco-friendly vehicle, you first need to know what makes a car “eco-friendly”. Some of the most important criteria include:

  • the vehicle has low emissions
  • eco-friendly type of petrol
  • uses as little petrol as possible

Low emissions

Just as it sounds. Vehicles that use fuel more efficiently and emit less carbon, making them better for the environment.  

Types of fuel

There are several different types of fuel available for cars, and many of them create less pollution overall. Most vehicles rely on regular petrol and try to make vehicles use it as efficiently as possible. Other cars are designed to use diesel or liquified petroleum gas (LPG) as fuel.  

Reduced fuel usage

Hybrid and electric carselectric cars are rapidly gaining ground as an ideal way to reduce emissions and improve the environment around us. These cars are often the most fuel-efficient vehicles available.  

What Eco-Friendly Cars Are Australians Driving?  

Toyota Corolla Hybrid 

The Toyota Corolla has been on the market for years now; and some drivers consider it a little bit of a bland choice, but it’s reliable, safe, and comfortable. It’s one of the most affordable hybrids available and gets approximately 4.1L/100km. 

2018 Toyota Corolla ZR Hybrid

Nissan Leaf 

While the Nissan Leaf isn’t a huge Australian favourite, it’s a car that should be on any eco-conscious shopper’s list. Worldwide, it’s the most popular pure electric vehicle. It’s a more affordable choice for an all-electric car, but it can’t manage the same distance between charges that other vehicles can. Its range is around 170km. Still, if you’re looking for a car to do quick errands around the city, this may be a great choice.  

Tesla S 

There are several models of Tesla available, with the all-electric Tesla S being the best known. These are expensive cars, but they are also significantly more comfortable and advanced than many other all-electric vehicles. They have a range of 340 to just over 500km on a single charge. Some models even come with autopilot functionality.  

tesla S

Toyota Prius 

This was the first hybrid vehicle to really catch public attention. It’s still considered one of the better hybrids on the market. It’s more affordable than some of the other options, though it comes with a higher price tag than the Corolla. In exchange, however, you get fuel efficiency (3.4L/100km) and a more distinctive and comfortable ride.  

2017 toyota prius prime base hatchback angular front

Volvo XC90 T8 models 

You might not normally put the words “SUV” and “fuel efficient” together, but Volvo has made it happen. With 7 seats and plenty of storage room, this SUV gets 2.1L/100km and is packed with a range of safety and comfort features. The downside? It’s expensive. But if you’re looking for a top of the line SUV that won’t hurt the environment, this is a great option.  

Making Vehicles Affordable 

Any of these vehicles become more affordable when you choose a novated lease from Easi. A novated lease saves you thousands of dollars a year by using pre-tax income to pay for your car and its running costs. Select the best eco-friendly car for your needs, and purchase it with your Easi Novated Lease. Contact Easi today to learn more about making the car of your dreams the car you drive.