If your business operations require lots of vehicles travelling to many different places, it can quickly become difficult to keep track of everything without a solid system. This is where fleet management can be a big help – being an effective method to monitor your entire fleet no matter where they are.

What is Fleet Management?

At its core, fleet management is a process – tracking your fleet and other related assets as they perform duties for business and work purposes. Like cooking, there are many different ways to perform this, but good fleet managers are able to effectively keep on top of everything.

A common element usually involved with fleet management is the use of fleet management software. A well-built fleet management system can not only keep track of the commercial vehicles themselves, but also monitor important items such as fuel-usage, maintenance, risk management, equipment, and more.

The reason to have fleet management in place is to view and maintain a wide system of operations that your commercial vehicles – acquired through novated leasing or otherwise – can function in effectively and efficiently.

How Can Fleet Management Benefit My Business?

Learning the basics of fleet management is all well and good, but how can it benefit your business? We’ve listed some of our major points as to why it’s a great addition.

Fleet Management Software Can Provide Real-Time Updates

Real-time vehicle tracking is being seen more and more in other industries such as food delivery – so it only makes sense that it’s also desirable on fleet vehicles as well.

Fleet management software is able to include constant GPS tracking updates tied to vehicle registrations, meaning you can easily check to see if a driver is on schedule and taking the correct route.

Ensuring drivers are punctual will also bring in more customers for your business as satisfaction goes up, and being able to quickly respond to an update benefits the entire fleet.

Optimise Driving Routes, Vehicle Maintenance, Reporting and More

On top of simply keeping tabs on your fleet as it moves about, fleet management systems can help a fleet manager plan ahead and compile data with ease as well.

Such systems can allow you to check possible routes for any issues that may cause delays and adjust to have the most efficient route available for your driver. This can end up saving a lot in potential extra fuel costs with vehicles moving around optimally while being able to improve efficiency and overall fleet performance.

Reporting is also made easier with fleet management software, as data such as distance travelled, fuel usage and car age can be brought together to allow for better presentation. This makes planning for potential services and maintenance less of a hassle as all the relevant information is in one place for easy access.

Keep Drivers Safe

Managing a fleet means driver safety needs to be paramount, regardless of how many vehicles are in said fleet. On top of this, if your fleet includes any large vehicles such as trucks, making sure your drivers are being safe for other vehicles on the road is just as important.

Fleet management systems allow fleet managers to properly monitor driver behaviour and set up alerts for when danger from factors such as speeding are detected. Being able to collect data about this – and other risky driving behaviours – can make a world of difference in avoiding incidents.

A fleet manager can also use up-to-date monitoring in order to call roadside assistance in the case of a breakdown, in an attempt to reduce costs as much as possible.

Get The Perfect Fleet Management Solution with Easi

Easi offer Fleet Finance and Fleet Vehicle Management Services to an extensive range of medium and large organisations across Australia. We also offer fleet finance and management solutions for smaller organisations, via our Business Car Leasing services.

Easi will provide you with a range of tailored and flexible fleet management and fleet finance leasing solutions, along with the expertise to help you make the best purchasing decisions for your business when it comes to vehicle acquisition.

We also provide a range of comprehensive and cutting edge reporting options to save you time and money on your fleet management and operation costs.

For businesses with a fleet of 25 vehicles or more, Easi will help find a vehicle fleet management solution to suit your needs. Contact our expert Fleet Finance and Management team to discuss your requirements and get a competitive fleet vehicle management quote today.

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