Save thousands on your next vehicle. It's easi.

Easi are a novated leasing and fleet management company, offering vehicle finance and maintenance solutions to save you and/or your business thousands of dollars. We have offices on both western and eastern seaboard’s alongside being available online or over the phone.

Our focus is on helping both employees and employers find the right solution whether that is through a novated lease, salary packaging, business car leasing, fleet management or low rate car finance and acquisition.

The Easi’s online novated lease calculator will help you work out how much you can save online and we are happy to offer beat my purchase price and beat my finance quotes to ensure you’re always getting the best deal on the market.

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I am a corrections officer for ACT Corrections, Canberra NSW. I recently leased a vehicle through Easi with Robin Saab’s help. I wish to express my gratitude to him and his efforts in helping me through the process. Robin has shown himself, to be a very professional and diligent person who, went out of his way to help. With the time difference between there and here (approx 4hrs) he worked outside what I believe to be normal hours, including today, which is a public holiday for you. Robin made the process smooth and seamless

It would be my pleasure to recommend your organisation to anyone interested in leasing a vehicle.

I write to you as a new client of Easi. I’m a new client thanks to the service provided by Tony.

I’m new to car leasing and had an exceptionally long list of questions. At every point, Tony responded in a positive and timely manner. I sent countless emails and Tony responded to them all. He even made himself available to chat with my accountant if so desired.

I understand that Tony is new to easifleet. From my experience in dealing with him he is an asset to your team. If you have a bonus or rewards system in place he is indeed a worthy recipient.
Tony’s service has been exceptional. He won my business in a highly competitive leasing market.

Just a quick email to thank you for your invaluable assistance in getting the lease for the above vehicle being organised and finalised. I happy really appreciated your “above and beyond” approach, and have felt that you have looked after my interests throughout the entire process.

Picked up my car!!!! Thank you so much for your assistance in putting this together. Excellent, efficient service and you were a pleasure to deal with.