What Are the Best Utes for Tradies?

Tradies rely on their work vehicles every day to transport tools and heavy loads.

It is essential you can rely on your ute to travel long distances and get you to remote locations without worrying about breaking down along the way. Otherwise, you will find yourself turning down well-paying jobs because you aren’t sure if your old ute can make the distance while lugging all your heavy equipment.

So, your choice of ute must be as hardworking as you.

Investing in a good ute also means it can double as your personal car, so you don’t need to double up on expenses like insurance and registration. Having a dual cab ute also means you have a reliable vehicle that can fit the whole family in.

There are many benefits of leasing a car for work. As a tradie, you want to be upgrading your car every few years to ensure it is reliable and doesn’t break down, as if your vehicle is not working, neither are you.

Leasing a car means you don’t have to buy a new ute outright every year or pay interest on finance. There are also different tax benefits depending on your business and lease agreement.

Here are some of the best utes in 2021 for tradies. Which one will get the job done for you?

Ford Ranger XLS

The Ranger XLS model is a long time favourite of Ford’s range as it’s built to perform on the job site and the open road.

The Ranger can be used as a tradie’s workhorse, off-road 4WD, tow vehicle, or everyday family car. It’s tough, classy, comfortable and capable.

The XLS comes in a dual cab ute with a 3.2-litre engine and can have manual or automatic transmission. The standard fit-out includes a rear-view camera, rear parking sensors, 16-inch tyres, a fully adjustable steering wheel for reach and height, multimedia touchscreen and cruise control with steering wheel-mounted buttons.

Ford Ranger XLS 3.2 4x4 Dual Cab Manual


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The Ford Ranger XLS 4×4 safety features give you the peace of mind that you and your family are in good hands in this car:

  • 3 Point Lap Sash Seat Belt
  • Emergency Brake Assistance
  • Hill Descent Control
  • Traffic Control System
  • Traffic Sign Recognition

This Ford Ranger is built for performance off-road with extensive features:

  • Inline 5 Cylinder
  • 3.5 Tonne Towing Capability
  • 800mm Water Wading
  • e-Locking Rear Differential

Best for: Built for tough workdays and weekend adventuring. Ford’s Ranger is considered the best value ute in the dual-cab range.

Ford Ranger WILDTRAK

The Ford Ranger Wildtrak is built to perform with advanced technology to help you reach any job, anywhere.

This ute from the Ford Ranger series is top of the market and high in demand with its ability to handle rides while utilising cutting-edge safety technology.

This dual cab Ute consists of a 12-volt power outlet, 16-inch alloy wheels, a manually adjustable driver seat, alarm system, Remote Anti Theft and more!

Best Tradie Ute - Ford-Ranger-Wildtrak

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This Ranger will help protect you with its network of safety features:

  • Trailer Sway Control
  • Traction Control System
  • Traffic Sign Recognition
  • Front and Rear Parking Sensors

The WILDTRAK is built for performance with these stand out performance features:

  • Inline 4 Cylinder Engine
  • Load Adaptive Control
  • 12 Volt Power Outlet
  • 16 Inch Alloy Wheels

Mazda BT-50 XTR

Whether it’s for work or adventure, this dual-cab ute gets the job done and looks awesome doing it.

Best Tradie Ute 2021 - Mazda BT-50 XTR

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The Mazda BT-50 has outstanding performance, perfect for tradies carrying a lot of gear with them. The BT-50 performance is enhanced with its:

  • 3.0L Turbo Diesel Engine
  • High Tensile Steel Chassis
  • Available Payload 1,095 kg
  • 3,500 kg Towing Capacity

Mazda took safety seriously when crafting the BT-50 ute. The BT-50 XTR has the highest level of safety you can find with 20 safety technologies that helped it achieve a 5-star ANCAP safety rating, including:

  • Trailer Sway Control
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Alert
  • Lane Departure Monitoring
  • Blind-Spot Monitor
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Hill Descent Control

The bold and unique design commands attention wherever it goes. Not only attractive on the outside, but you can also be sure everyone on board travels in comfort with the BT-50 XTR features, including:

  • Android™ Auto and Wireless Apple CarPlay® via touch screen
  • Dual-Zone Climate Control Air-Conditioning with Rear Vents
  • Auto-Dimming Interior Mirror
  • Rear Seat with Centre Armrest
  • Satellite Navigation
  • Advanced Keyless Entry

Isuzu D-Max

The Isuzu D-MAX is a stand out performer both on and off-road.

The Isuzu D-MAX is the ute for tradies who work out in rural areas and need a vehicle with the highest levels of durability.
This ute was designed to handle the harshest Australian conditions while still maintaining comfort and safety.

Isuzu D Max - One of the best tradie cars

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The 4JJ3-TCX 3.0L turbo diesel engine is the heart of the D-MAX, and it beats for the highest performance. The D-MAX is more than ready to handle whatever you throw at it with:

  • 3.0L Turbo Diesel Engine
  • 3.5T Pulling Power
  • Rear Differential Lock
  • 800mm Wading Depth
  • 4×4 Terrain Command
  • Hill Start Assist & Decent Control
  • Underbody Protection

The Isuzu D-MAX’s advanced technology features are tailored for convenience & functionality:

  • Apple CarPlay® & Android Auto™
  • Intelligent Driver Assist System (IDAS)
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Headlights: Bi-led with Auto Levelling & DRLs
  • Auto Headlights
  • Wiper Blade Reverse Function
  • Rain Sensing Automatic Wipers
  • UV Glass

The Isuzu D-MAX protects you with a network of safety which its 5-Star ANCAP rating can assure you. The D-MAX’s safety features include:

  • Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Post-Collision Braking
  • Mis-acceleration Mitigation
  • Driver Attention Assist
  • Trailer Sway Control
  • Bi-LED Headlights & DRLs

The D-MAX is a reliable ute, built to work in the most challenging conditions. It has been through 4,000,000km of testing in the harsh conditions of searing heat, torrential rain and even snow. Features that make this ute so reliable include:

  • Steel Timing Chain
  • Split Camshafts
  • Double Scissor Gears
  • Heavy-Duty Isuzu Engine

Mitsubishi Triton GLX

Considered one of Australia’s most powerful tradie ute, the Mitsubishi Triton GLX Dual Cab combines toughness with bold contemporary styling, the latest technology, and comfort. This ute can be relied on by tradies who work amongst the inner city suburbs and those who find themselves heading off-road for more remote jobs.

best tradie vehicle - Mitsubishi Triton

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The 2.4-litre MIVEC turbo diesel engine is key to Triton’s standout performance. Dominant performance and optimum efficiency is achieved through the GLX’s turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine. Here are some of the specifications that make the Triton GLX perform:

  • Power & Torque 133kW & 430Nm
  • 6 Speed Transmission – Manual or Automatic
  • Braked Towing Capacity – 3100kg
  • 11.8m Turning Circle
  • Super Select II with 2WD, 4H, 4HLC and 4LLC

Integrated safety and connectivity features help make sure you safely show up to each of your jobs.

  • Anti-lock Braking System & Electronic Brakeforce Distribution
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Emergency Stop Signal function
  • Active Stability Control
  • Trailer Stability Assist

Mitsubishi Triton GLX contains driver assistance features for a more comfortable drive:

  • Cruise Control
  • Adjustable Speed Limiter
  • Electrochromatic Rearview Mirror
  • Automatic Dusk Sensing Headlights
  • Automatic Rain-Sensing Wipers
  • Rearview Camera
  • Rear Parking Sensors
  • Keyless Entry with Central Door Locking
  • Dust and Pollen Filter


The LDV is China’s first vehicle to achieve a 5-star rating and is considered the most cost-effective ute on the market.

The LDV T60 is suitable for workday to weekend activities and is a popular tradesman’s tool; fitted with heavy-duty suspension and hard-wearing cloth seats (Pro model). Towing capacity is 3,000kg with 2.8-litre turbo-diesel power.

Best for: Value. T60s are well-priced and offer work-and-play versatility.


For more information about which ute is best for you, speak to our staff. The Easi team are qualified in fleet management with novated leasing and salary packaging options available to help you get the right vehicle for the job.


What are the benefits of leasing a car for work?

When you take up a novated car lease for work instead of buying it outright, there is a range of financial benefits that will save you thousands of dollars. Not only are you paying less because the car is sold at a bulk buying price, but you also avoid paying GST and your payments leverage on your pre-tax salary, meaning you are taxed at a lower income rate.

What is the best 4X4 ute?

The best 4X4 ute comes down to personal preference and what the 4X4 utes main functions will be. But our favourite picks are:

  • Ford Ranger Wildtrak
  • Ford Ranger XLS
  • Mazda BT-50 XTR
  • Isuzu D-Max
  • Mitsubishi Triton GLX

What is the best dual-cab ute?

Dual cab utes are perfect for those who want their family car to double as their work car. All of the utes we listed in this blog are dual-cab utes and therefore these are our favourite picks. 

When will tradies get an electric ute?

As the world’s environmental concerns heighten and technology improves, everyone can see electric and hybrid cars are the way of the future. Though smaller cars seem to be prioritised, Toyota and Ford have both committed to producing hybrid utes by 2025 and fully electrical utes by 2030.