Car Finance

easifleet finance makes car finance easier than ever. You can now get low rate car finance for your new car with the added benefit of an Agreed Future Value and the reassurance of a guaranteed buy back option at the end of the term.

Your loan repayments also include annual registration and the option to include comprehensive insurance, meaning you won’t be hit with lump sum vehicle costs throughout the year.
Simply chose the vehicle you want, decide whether you want to pay a deposit and choose your loan term. Together we’ll work out the Agreed Future Value, based on your travel habits. We then find the lowest fleet price through our dealer network and orgainse all the paperwork. easifleet finance gives you control over your budget and the security of knowing that when the loan term is over, you can trade, keep or simply return the car. It really is easier than ever!

  Lock in an Agreed Future Value for your vehicle
  Guaranteed buy back
  Great low rates on finance
•  Access to easifleet’s huge fleet discounts
  Enjoy the ease of having your registration, insurance and loan repayments all rolled into one
  Simply keep, sell or trade-in your car using the Agreed Future Value
•  Or simply return the car to easifleet with no more to pay