Your Next Car Now

Thinking about your next car now?

If you’re nearing the last year or two of your lease it could be time to think about your next car now!  Fantastic fleet pricing, new release models and dealer specials mean that you could be driving the latest model or a brand new style for the same price as what you’re currently paying.

The first ever Mazda CX-3, which goes on sale later this month, will offer a class-leading mix of model grades, performance and economy.

Toyota has also refreshed the Prius C hybrid light, with updated styling, improved ride and handling and a $1000 price reduction across the range thanks to the Australia-Japan free-trade agreement.

Tempted?  Points to consider…

  Has your situation changed? Need a bigger car? Smaller car?
  Upgrade earlier to a newer model.
  Roll any potential trade in shortfall into finance on the new lease.
  New car warranty.
  Take advantage of current new vehicle pricing / manufacturers
deals, to reduce monthly lease cost from current
  New car smell!