Infringement Penalties on the Rise

Traffic Infringement Penalties Rise

The penalties for over 50 different traffic offences have been reviewed and drivers are now facing hefty fines and increased demerit point penalties in an effort to convey the seriousness of traffic offences.

The report reviewed the penalty structure (fees, demerit points, licence disqualifications) for speeding, non-restraint use, failure to give way, failure to obey traffic controls, overtaking, following too closely and in-vehicle distractions (e.g. mobile phones). In reviewing the penalties, consideration was given to parity between offences of similar seriousness and demonstrated road safety risk. As well as the penalties applied in other jurisdictions.

Below is a snapshot of some of the most common offences and the modified penalty.

Use of mobile phones
Modified Penalty: $400 | Demerit Points: 3

No overtaking unless safe to do so
Modified Penalty: $400 | Demerit Points: 4

Keeping safe distance when overtaking
Modified Penalty: $400 | Demerit Points: 4

Courtesy when overtaking
Modified Penalty: $200 | Demerit Points: 3

View the complete list of penalties here

If you receive a traffic infringement it will be sent directly to easifleet (if your vehicle is registered with our postal address) and we will immediately forward the infringement to you for processing.  easifleet will keep a record of the infringement for reporting purposes.