Fuel Saving Tips - Top Ways to Save On Fuel

With prices for ULP reaching $1.60+ around the country as the year draws to a close, many families and businesses are feeling the pinch at the pump. This is where fuel saving tips can be really valuable. There are a number of important ways to reduce your fuel consumption. A novated lease will instantly save you 30%* on fuel by paying with your pre-tax income, with the added convenience of a fuel card. But how else can you save big at the bowser?

Check those tyres.

While they may all look like big black rubber doughnuts to the untrained eye, many tyre manufacturers offer low-resistance rolling tyres. With a higher silica content to reduce friction, they’re made with economy in mind. Also, make sure you’re using the correct tyre pressure, which can reduce uneven wear and unnecessary friction where the rubber meets the road.

Avoid traffic.

In an ideal world there would be no red lights or afternoon peak-hour crawl, right? If your job allows for starting (and finishing) earlier, you may just be able to save fuel as well as time. Especially for those with a longer commute, starting work at 730am instead of 9am could cut your travel time by as much as 50% by avoiding the morning and afternoon rat race. Well, until everyone else catches on!

What can you switch off?

Many newer cars switch off at a stop, but if your vehicle has older starter-motor technology we don’t recommend switching off at the lights. You can, however, switch into neutral when stopped with the engine running, as riding the clutch burns fuel. Just make sure you pop the handbrake on to save slipping forward in the case of a rear-ender.

It’s also worth noting that air using conditioning does put an additional drag on the engine, so switching it off at times when it’s comfortable to do so will help reduce your fuel burn.

Update your Apps

If you don’t have a Fuel Watch-type app, get one. While you might be going out of your way to find the cheapest bowser in town, if there’s a way to build it into your errands, it could still represent a large saving.

It’s also worth updating your GPS system or smartphone’s map app. Google Maps predicts congestion and presents live traffic updates to redirect you away from expected roadworks or onto clearer routes.

Lastly, go Easi.

Your driving habits affect that fuel gauge. Fast acceleration from the lights burns more fuel than a slow and steady approach. Realistically you’ll just be coming to a stop at the next set of lights in any case. So slow down and enjoy the ride.

As we mentioned at the start, a simple way to cut 30% off your fuel costs (and switch to a fuel-efficient vehicle) is to go for an Easi novated lease. The savings and convenience of bundling your tyres, servicing, rego and all the boring bits of car ownership into a simple monthly payment is another way to take the stress out of budgeting. Check out our easy to use Novated Lease Calculator, or Contact Easi today, to get started.


*Based on salary of $80,000+ per year. Savings will differ based on individual circumstances.