Car buying, online

Novated lease calculators, the easy way to shop online

Online pricing and quoting tools mean Australians are no longer restricted to one provider and no longer bound by geography.  The mass marketed big players don’t always prove to be the cheapest or the most customer service focused.  Gone are the days of the one size fits all approach, particularly when it comes to car buying.

When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, consumer loans provide few opportunities to save on the purchase price and certainly don’t provide ongoing savings throughout the loan.  The hassle of the haggle and pressures sales situations can be avoided with shopping around online.

The savvy car buyer is already aware the best time to buy car and of the tax benefits and discounts that apply to novated leasing but not all providers pass on the same discounts to their customers.

Have you asked yourself the important questions?  Am I getting the best deal?  Could I get a better deal somewhere else? The answer lies in comparison, which can be free, quick and easy.

Most novated leasing companies have a novated leasing calculator on their website. These calculators allow you to enter the exact vehicle you are interested in, or the vehicle size, if you’re unsure of the exact car you’re after.  Once you have entered the term, the estimated kilometres and your salary, you will get an indicative quote based on that information.  When comparing novated leasing online it is important to compare like for like.  This means making sure you enter exactly the same type of vehicle on each calculator and enter the same term and estimated kilometres.  Remembering, FBT is now calculated at a flat rate of 20 per cent.

The key factor to remember now that you have your quote, is that the quote provided is an indicative quote based on the Recommended Retail Price of the vehicle and doesn’t incorporate government fleet discounts, national fleet discounts, general fleet discounts, manufacturers run out pricing , end of financial year sale pricing, limited drive away campaigns from manufacturers fleet discounts.  For example government employees and employees of Public Benevolent Institutions are entitled you the highest rate of discount available, so it pays follow up your best quote with a phone call or email to find out what you’re really entitled to.  Your online quote is your first price and you will do much better on further enquiry.

Any company that offers to beat a competitor’s quote is a great place to start.  Get a couple of quotes and then give them a call. easifleet, guarantee to beat any competitors genuine quote and usually by a mile. You will feel much more empowered and confident of getting the best deal possible with a few quotes under your belt an idea of what your repayments will be.