Do you know a new vehicle is the most effective way to reduce your tax?

With a Novated Lease, every single car cost can leave you with more money in your pocket.

It’s time to wax away your tax.

To put it simply, a Novated Lease is another way you can finance a new or used car. Use your pre-tax income to pay for your car and its running costs.


Why choose Easi?

  • higher level of discounts than standard novated leasing – up to $6,000;
  • no deposit;
  • your choice of vehicle;
  • no lump sum payments;
  • GST-free operating costs;
  • easy to access online statements;
  • expert assistance with selling or trading in your current vehicle;
  • your own local consultant throughout the entire process;
  • simple, one-minute quotes;
  • and dealer pick-up, VIP service.

Want to learn how much you can save?

Our consultants are available online or over the phone and we invite you to discuss your one on one situation with us via video conference or call us on the old fashioned telephone.

Book a video conference call here, or request a callback.

What will it cost?

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