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What’s a ‘leaseback’?

A leaseback is an arrangement where you sell an asset (your current car) but keep it under a lower-cost lease arrangement. With Easi Top End, that also means saving on your running costs like fuel, insurance, servicing, tyres, getting the A/C fixed up… all that stuff. 


Why do leasebacks save people and businesses money?


One: Because we rock at getting better finance deals, and the banks are being pretty stingy with their loans right now. Two, because your payments are made using your pre-tax income, you’re not hit up twice by the ATO. And three, because payments are evenly spread out, you’ll be less tempted to dip into the credit card when a service or rego is due.


Can anyone do a leaseback?


Pretty much. As long as you’ve got a full time job, or are a sole trader or run a business that owns your vehicles – and those vehicles are under 10 years old – we can probably help ya out. Give us a call to discuss it further. 


How does it work to lease my own car?


We’ll set up a leaseback arrangement on your car’s market value. If it’s 6 years old, you can lease it for 3 years, or if it’s two years old, you’ve got another 7 up your sleeve. 

You’ll get the cash for your car in your account, less any amount owing to your lender (if you’re paying it off).

Your lease payments will INCLUDE pretty much all running costs. Nominate a fuel budget, then we’ll look after rego, insurance, servicing – that’s all paid for out of your salary each month. (Don’t worry, we’ll talk to Janice in Payroll about it all). It sadly won’t cover a new spoiler or putting in a supercharger, but we’re working on it.


Right-o, what next? 


We’re voluntarily self isolating, so give us a call or lock in a video chat if you wanna know more. Or even if you just want to have a chat. If it all sounds good, you can sign on and we’ll set it up with your employer. Too easi!

Give Easi a call – 1300 266 828 and ask to speak to

Darren Cordingley.

Can I novate my existing car?

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