A Prestige Novated Lease allows Government employees to have access to exclusive salary packaging benefits, saving even more tax, especially when it comes to vehicles. It’s the ATO-approved way to structure your purchases.

  • Get government fleet pricing
  • Skip vehicle stamp duty
  • Concessional registration rate
  • No stamp duty
  • Save FBT and GST
  • Maximise your salary while minimising tax

Easi can work closely with your Salary Packager to ensure a seamless setup. Simply let Easi know which car you would like to purchase – request a quote.

Easy Comparison of Cost Savings for a Prestige Novated Lease

Two Executive Assistants:

  • Income: $80,000
  • Buying: $42,404 Car
  • Travelling: 20,000 km a year
  • Loan: 5-year term
Prestige Novated Lease Consumer Loan
Price $37,412 (no GST) $42,404
$7,176 tax saving $0 tax saving
Convenience Irregular Cash Flow
$37,862 (inc. licence) $50,031

A total benefit of $12,168

Plus, you can stay in control of your budget, optimise your tax savings and drive your dollar further.

What will it cost?