As an employee of Pantoro, you’re entitled to great Novated Leasing benefits with Easi.

Novated leasing allows you to own your choice of vehicle, with a suite of extras, for a heavily discounted price. We’re here to make owning a car easy – and that’s got to count for something!

We do this by offering:

  • higher level of discounts than standard novated leasing (up to $6,000);
  • no deposit;
  • your choice of vehicle;
  • no lump sum payments;

GST-free operating costs:




The smarter and easier choice:

  • easy to access online statements;
  • expert assistance with selling or trading-in your current vehicle;
  • your own local consultant throughout the entire process;
  • simple, one-minute quotes;
  • and dealer pick-up, VIP service.