An easifleet maintained novated lease offers you complete vehicle management. Servicing and running costs are all paid directly to the service centre by easifleet, so you don’t need to have cash on hand or find large sums of money throughout the year to keep your car running in great shape.

Best of all, any unused funds are paid back to you at the end of the lease.

With an easifleet novated lease, you only ever pay for what you use.


Enjoy saving at the fuel pump with your easifleet WEX motorpass. easifleet WEX motorpass is accepted at over 5800 fuel outlets Australia wide. Drivers also enjoy exclusive easifleet BP discounts, Woolworth Everyday Rewards and FlyBuys reward points at point of sale. Download the free and easy to use site locator app to find your nearest location.

Servicing and Maintenance

easifleet provides hassle free servicing and maintenance at fleet discounted prices at with manufacturer recommended service agents across Australia.


Discounted tyres are built into the package according to vehicle type and the number of kilometres driven.

Roadside Assistance

easifleet’s roadside assistance package covers unlimited callouts, free to wage within 20 kilometres of town limits, free fuel delivery, free flat battery callout, free flat tyre change, free immobiliser deactivation service, transportation where possible and necessary in the event of an accident and a free vehicle key lock-out service.


Annual registration of the vehicle is automatically paid by easifleet on behalf of the owner.

Driver Training

Specialised driver training courses can be arranged to meet both individual and business needs.

Online Services

The easifleet website provides web reporting facilities. Reports are updated continuously to allow you to view fuel and service transaction history, just like online banking.