It’s no secret that EOFY has always been the cheapest time to get into a new car. Make the most of this season of savings and save even more during EOFY 2022 with Easi’s all-inclusive car finance.

Not only will you get a markdown on the sticker price, but you’ll get a discount on all your running costs too!

Car savings made Easi

Get the benefit of EOFY sale pricing, rock-bottom interest rates, and savings all year long. We do all the hard stuff to create a tax-effective payment plan that beats a straight-out bank loan on a shiny new set of wheels.


What’s ‘All Inclusive Vehicle Finance’?

It’s the smartest way to get the car you want and keep your budget under control. Payments are bundled (usually monthly) to save you heaps on all the important stuff dealerships often forget to mention, like fuel, registration, insurance, servicing, tyres and roadside assistance.


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How Easi is this gonna be? 

There’s no deposit required, no pleading with the bank. It’s all sorted with your pre-tax salary through Easi and your employer. But before you go knocking on the boss’s office door — forget asking — we’ll set it all up with HR and payroll on your behalf.


New car or pre-owned — it’s up to you!

With wait times on near vehicles taking up to 12 months, Easi’s dealer network means we’ll sneak you into the queue faster. Or, if you’re after a pre-owned car, we’ve got your back too! Choose any car under 10 years old and we’ll work to cut you a better deal with our Best Price Guarantee.

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We have direct access to an extensive range of car manufactures and offer the best car deals with the best price guarantee. Browse some of our vehicles below. Can't find the car you like? Try our calculator at the button below!

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