Medium to corporate sized businesses

  • If your Internal Rate of Return (IRR) or WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital) is greater than 6 per cent, it’s time to talk to us about leasing!
  • Occupational health and safety protection. Are you worried about director culpability? Ask us how to minimise your risk by leasing your vehicles
  • Expanding interstate? If you can’t measure you can’t manage. Ask us how to measure and control your costs
  • If you’re not leasing, you’re not getting the discounts you’re entitled to. We can help you make the most of your business

Not for profit

  • Control your cash flow and reduce your risk
  • Access to exemptions
  • Special pricing on vehicle
  • Are buy backs a better option for you?


An easifleet consultant recently helped a not for profit reduce the cost to purchase a mid-size vehicle by $4500 dollars per car. Are you getting the best deal?

Government leasing

Leasing is perfect for projects that vary in scope. With easifleet corporate leasing, you’re able to match the vehicle lease to the term of the project.


Small Fleet

When borrowing from your bank you are required to have equity levels balanced against debt levels. Because leasing is separate from this equation, you will be able to borrow more in the future. Fleet vehicles are neither an asset nor liability and therefore remain off the sheet.

What will it cost?

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