As an industry leader in fleet management we know leasing is not always the best solution. So why not fund your fleet with fleet management? easifleet offer seamless purchase, funding and management to help businesses save money, improve cash flow and budgeting. Our fleet management solutions will help to reduce staffing requirements and remove non-core administration duties. We know businesses require flexibility which is why we offer fully maintained options on any financed product, a revolving credit line that you can draw down on at any time, massive discounts on cars, parts, service, fuel and disposal and best of all, the whole process can be completed by phone or email.

easifleet offer a wide range of fleet management solutions to suit all business types:

Sale and lease back
easifleet purchase your vehicles at market value payout value or book value, regardless of how long the company has owned the vehicles.

Operating Lease

Is an easy accounting, fixed monthly rental where you hand back the vehicle at the end of the lease with no extra cost.

Finance Lease
Finance Leasing includes an Australian Tax Office (ATO) residual, that the company is liable for at the end of the lease.

Chattel Mortgage
Offers a zero residual or a residual of your choice which allows you to set the monthly repayments to an amount that suit your company but you carry the risk.

Commercial Higher Purchase
Similar to a chattel mortgage but has differing GST requirements that you should check with your business accountant.

Let’s compare features

Deposit requiredNoNoMaybeMaybe
Fixed rateYesYesYesYes
GSTRemoved from amount financedRemoved from amount financedClaimed with your BAS either upfront or during the term depending on whether cash or accrual accountingClaimed with your BAS either upfront or during the term depending on whether cash or accrual accounting
TaxClaim rental costClaim rental costClaim interest and
Claim interest and
Equity allowedNoNoYesYes
Residual requiredNoYesClients discretionClients discretion
Balance sheetOffOnOnOn
Revolving credit limitYesYesNoYes
Single document and signature to order carsYesYesNoYes
Fully maintainedYesYesYesYes