Tips for a Successful Road Trip this Summer

Summer is finally here!

Cue road trip season, driving through windy roads and outback wilderness with the music turned up high.

Instead of booking a flight to get away this break, why not pack up the car and explore your local surrounds?

Western Australia has some of the country’s most memorable road trips and a driving holiday is one of the best ways to experience the state’s diversity.

If you’re planning a road trip along the edge of arguably the most beautiful corner of Australia, preparation is crucial. Here’s how to get road trip ready with our latest tips.

Get Your Car Road Trip Ready

There’s nothing to kill the holiday mood like an unreliable car full of food wrappers and junk.

Before you leave, get your car safety checked and give it a good clean.

To help save money, maximise mileage, encourage comfortable cruising and get more driving hours from your car, make sure you:

  • Check your tyres: Change worn tyres, pump with air and make sure you have at least one spare tyre on board that’s ready to go – just because you have a spare tyre, doesn’t mean it’s in working order
  • Oil and water check: Although this should be done frequently, consider this a heads up before your road trip to avoid serious engine damage or being deserted on the side of the road
  • Fluid fill-up: Add water to your windscreen wipers, check steering wheel fluid and make sure your brakes and coolant are topped up

Pack the Right Gadgets and Gear

Besides snacks and a solid playlist, make sure you pack the essential gadgets and gear for where you’re heading to.

Some items on your list may include:

  • Mobile phone: Although holiday adventures typically mean disconnecting from technology, it’s a good idea to have a phone and charger for emergencies
  • Mini fridge/cooler: Keep food and drinks colder for longer – ideal if you’re venturing far
  • GPS: Map out your journey and avoid getting too lost in Australia’s outback
  • Dual USB charger: Keep the essential gadgets topped up so you’re not left high and dry
  • Clothes: Comfortable, practical and even though it’s summer, don’t forget to pack a jumper as nights in the outback can still get cool. Don’t forget swimming/adventuring items too!
  • Roadside and Safety kit: If trouble strikes and you get stuck, it’s always best to be prepared. Include items such as jump-start cables, tyre pressure gauge, torch, first aid kit, reflective vest and anything else that will come in handy
  • Travel games: Perfect for family road trips to keep the kids entertained, consider bringing a good book or two as well
  • Personal care items: Such as sunscreen, bug spray, toiletries etc
  • Important documents: License and insurance details, just in case

Make Sure You Have a Road Map

Although your GPS or Google Maps app will come in handy to map out your journey, take a road map with you too.

Remote and outback areas in Australia won’t always have access to WIFI. If you plan ahead you can access offline maps from your GPS. However, the best road trips demand a little spontaneity. You just want to ensure you don’t get too lost!

Consider the Kids and Pets

If you’re taking the kids and pets on the road trip, make sure they are safe and secure in the car, with regular breaks planned for them.

Planned breaks also gives you the opportunity to explore new locations or

This includes bringing adequate snacks/treats and fresh water to keep everyone comfortable and happy. Young children and pets may need a few toys to keep them preoccupied too.

Keep Friends/Family in the Loop

Summer road trips are a good excuse to leave city life behind for a bit and disconnect from technology and the outside world.

It’s still important to let key people know where you and where you’re heading though.

Check Local Information

Before you begin your road trip adventure, check the weather and local information for updates.

Keep your finger on the pulse for emergency bushfire alerts with DFES. Flooded roads, unsealed roads or closed areas may prevent you getting to where you need to be on your travels.

Create the Ultimate Road Trip Playlist

No summer road trip was ever completed without a playlist to fuel the adventure.

To keep you entertained over the hours of driving, put together your favourite collection of music or stream tunes off smartphone apps. You can even match your choice of music to where you’re going – get some inspiration here.


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