Spring is a time for fresh starts - Budgeting & Goals for 2020

It’s the time of year when the environment changes and gains a new lease on life. A time for new beginnings which prompts us to look back and reflect on the year so far.

What has been achieved?

What have you left on the back-burner?

Our tips for springing into action

Focus on what’s working

Before you start a plan of attack for things you would like to change, assess all the areas in your life that you’re satisfied with. Feel grateful for all positives in your life and then consider where you’d like to see improvements. This time of reflection will help provide you with enlightenment and the motivation you need to begin making changes.

Try something new

Feeling stuck in your routine? For change to occur in your life you must be proactive. Try something completely different that you ordinarily wouldn’t do; pick up a new hobby, social sports, or go for that promotion. Remember, life is what you make it.

Get healthy

Take a cue from Mother Nature and add a healthy habit into your regular routine. Increase your water intake, start walking a few times a week, allow time for meditating, and add more leafy green veggies to your diet. There are so many benefits to a healthy diet and exercise regime, including a positive mindset.

Set written goals

With a new year drawing near, written goals are a great way to start building momentum and meet new objectives, as well as track your progress. Think about what goals you would like to achieve. It could be setting a budget and sticking to it, buying a new car or simply losing a few winter kilograms.

Declutter and start fresh

The warmer weather brings about much to celebrate and there’s no time like spring to make changes and declutter your home. It’s hard for us to be productive if we’re inundated with overflowing closets, or worse if we can’t locate the items we need because they’re buried beneath piles of stuff.

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