easifleet's Team Building Adventure Day

They say fortune favours the brave, so this week nine of easifleet’s finest set off to prove their worth.

We set off bright and early to a secret location to take part in a team building activity, that none of us had Googled (promise).  As we pulled into Boya Mountain Quarry it was pretty clear that we would be going up a cliff or off a cliff.  Sven and Brenda from Space Chameleon Adventure Co greeted us warmly and promptly advised us that it would indeed be the latter.  Cue the nervous glances and sweaty palms.

The team were then faced with our first challenge of the day, memorising all the knots in the abseiling rig then rigging it up on our own once our good friend Sven untied it all!  This might be a good time to mention that we were all sent an email with a bunch of knots to learn. An email most of us hadn’t read and none of us actioned. We just love a challenge!  Surprisingly, we managed to split into groups and complete the reconstruction of the rig, with only a couple of errors and luckily Sven was on hand to check, tighten and correct our rig before we made our first descent.


As the encouragement, support and swear words flowed, one by one; we made our first abseil off the 20 metre ledge.  This was only the beginning.  The next abseil, we belayed each other off the 20 metre drop.  I can tell you, a whole new level of trust developed amongst the team right about then.


Next came the 40 metre drop and it was literally a drop. The rock face had a huge ledge at the top, meaning we would need to rappel from half way down.  Although we were all feeling a new type of anxiety at this point, the trust and support within the group had really grown and we rallied together to get each team member over the edge to conquer the challenge.

But no, we didn’t stop there.  We had to take it to the top.  60 metres to the top.

At this point the wind really pick up. Fun times!


We all made the hike to the top of the cliff but not all of the the team were keen to make the abseil down.  With a tad more hesitation than at 40m, off we went.  Well most of us.


With our final descent behind us, it was high fives all round.  There had been tears, smiles, laughs and screams but it all agreed it was an amazing day and well worth it.

What a day!  We were all extremely grateful to Sven and Brenda for a truly memorable experience and we were just a tad proud of ourselves too!