Novated Lease

What is a Novated Lease?

A novated lease is a tax effective way of acquiring a new vehicle. And it’s totally hassle-free. No matter who your employer is, you can ask easifleet to help you novate.

Forget having to trawl through the car-yards or scan the newspapers to find a car. With a novated lease in Australia , you simply choose the car you want. And we get it for you.

Discover the savings you can make by receiving an online instant quote now.

Through our extensive buying power, we are able to buy your car at business prices. This means you have access to fleet discounts and you avoid paying GST, giving you an instant saving of almost 10% on the purchase price of the vehicle.

By taking out a fully maintained lease, you can make additional savings by including the cost of services, maintenance, road-side assistance, road tax and fuel in your lease.

You can even take out a novated lease on a used car in Australia, provided the vehicle is no more than 8 years old at the end of the lease. Or you can refinance your current vehicle through a novated lease in Australia and take advantage of the tax benefits this brings.

easifleet will liaise with your salary packager to set up your novated lease. Or if your business doesn’t have a salary packager easifleet will help you through this process.

Call us on 1300 266 828 or view an example on the Australian Tax Office website. An easifleet novated lease consultant can help you work out the total monthly costs on the vehicle you want and show you the savings you will make with a novated lease.

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