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Since 1992 easifleet has been providing a range of vehicle fleet management and financial solutions to get people and businesses on the move while saving money.

For individuals, easifleet’s novated leases is a great way to significantly save on the purchase and running costs of your private use vehicle. For employers, it is no cost way to attract and retain employees and position your company as an employer of choice.

For medium to large business, our vehicle fleet management services come with a proven commitment to road safety and quality customer care. For small businesses, our wide range of finance and lease options give you control over your business expenses.

At easifleet, we are committed to your safety on the road and helping you reduce the environmental impact of your vehicles. 

Whether it private leasing or company leasing.

With easifleet, it’s easier than ever.



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Novated leasing is often misunderstood and there are plenty of misconceptions surrounding the product and it’s these reasons why many people are missing out on saving thousands of dollars a year. ...

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Salary Packaging a Benefit to all Pay Grades
Prosperity Advisers Chief Executive, Allan McKeown, outlined the benefits of salary packaging to Financial Review columnist Sally Patten today. McKeown says that salary packing can work for any pay bracket and the benefits of novated leasing are usually overlooked.

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