You won't believe how easi and cheap a novated lease is.

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Guaranteed best prices in Australia. Easi.

Where getting what you want for you and your business couldn’t be easier.

easifleet has been in business since 1992, providing a range of vehicle fleet management and financial solutions to get people and businesses on the move.

For individuals, our novated lease product in Australia is a great way to save money on the purchase of a new car for your private use. For employers, it helps attract new employees to your business.

For medium to large business, our vehicle fleet management services come with a proven commitment to road safety and quality customer care. For small businesses, our wide range of finance and lease options give you control over your business expenses.

At easifleet, we are committed to your safety on the road and helping you reduce the environmental impact of your vehicles. Both of these commitments are good for you and your business.

Nobody makes life as easi as we do. Call easifleet today and let us know what drives you.

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Easifleet has been in business since 1992 providing a wide range of fleet management and vehicle funding solutions to help people and businesses get on the move.

We have been providing Nova ...

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If we can't save you money with a novated lease, we won't let you go ahead

All customers are asked to make a conscious choice about their carbon footprint

We make life easi

You can novate a new or used car

We nurture a friendly workplace environment, offering equal opportunities for all employees

Effective communication between us and our clients is paramount in our operations

We promise to give you all the information to help you make the right decision

If your employer doesn't offer novated leasing, we can talk to them on your behalf


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